Starting/Relief Pitcher, Collegiate Team Captain with experience in the Czech and Coaching Ability(SIGNED in AUSTRALIA FOR 2022/23 WINTER) | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Starting/Relief Pitcher, Collegiate Team Captain with experience in the Czech and Coaching Ability(SIGNED in AUSTRALIA FOR 2022/23 WINTER)

Name: Anthony "AJ" Fell

Height: 185cm

Weight: 103kg

DOB: October 11, 1997

Date Available: September 1, 2022

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP, RP

Positions (alt): Youth Coach, SP, RP

College: Spring Hill College

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Everything I throw moves and I command all 3 pitches for strikes regardless of the count. My fastball is in the low to mid 80’s and has constant two-seam/sinker movement. My changeup looks identical but falls off the table right at the end. Then my curveball breaks rapidly and late to the other direction. I also provide next level fungo skills as well as excellent communication skills with teammates, coaches, people affiliated with the program, and even fans.

Throughout my entire career I have came out ot the bullpen and been a starter. In the beginning of college, I started out of the bullpen and continued to execute each opportunity I was given until they let me start in the middle of my second year. I continued to start for us as a junior, senior, and my grad year but still had a few relief appearances. Although I was starting in the spring for my college team, I would hop in between relieving and starting for my summer ball teams. Furthermore as I ended my college career and came overseas, i was instantly starting every weekend for Blesk Jablonec in the Czech Extraliga. Then this year with Tempo Praha, our pitching staff was stacked and I was out of the bullpen all year. I am comfortable with either or, just prefer starting so I know exactly when to be ready physically.

My entire life I have always been told I am an “older soul”. I have had incredible patience and have the ability to stay calm even when things are at their worst. This has been very beneficial both on and off the field as baseball is an emotionally challenging sport, so being able to play with emotions but keep those emotions in check is key, but also with teammates, some guys can’t help but bring their emotional baggage to the field with outside stuff going on, and I am able to help them through that and prepare themselves to focus on what’s at hand. Furthermore, in college I was more of a lead by example kind of leader, but after two season overseas I realized the lack of energy that some teams have and I’ve gotten more verbal and energetic to keep the game alive. As a side note, I also helped coach youth programs of all ages on my off days, which the patience was key for, but I would also show up for any of our guys as well that needed someone to throw with, feed them hitting, or even hit grounders and fly balls. Finally, I am just a personal guy, I can get along with just about anybody and blend into whatever team I’m on very quickly.


Career highlights

Team Accomplishments: winning our conference in college the first and only year we were eligible to play in it during my career. Also, this past Prague Baseball Week I helped lead the Globetrotters to gold, dominating all opponents.

Individual Accomplishments: I was named Pitcher of the Conference Tournament in the one year we were allowed to play in it. Also, I walked on as a freshman when I showed up at my school. Earned a spot on the roster after the first few weeks then grinded like crazy to earn a scholarship by my junior year that I kept for junior, senior, and my grad school year. I was also named team captain as a senior as well as a grad student. I received all-conference academic accolades 4 of my 5 seasons. Also, I was named reliever of the year for my team in summer ball of 2019 for the Pierre Trappers.



As a coach I am able to get along with the kids I am coaching, but also hold a professional manner to where they respect me and listen to what I have to say. Also, I am patient which comes in handy with the younger teams. My coach I learned the most from was my travel ball coach Mark Holzemer. I try and coach in a similar way as him where there is a time to joke around and have fun, but there is also a time to focus up and grind.


Overseas Goals

I have been playing overseas the past two season to continue my career, continue learning about different cultures, and to spread the knowledge I was blessed with growing up in the US all over the world.

I just finished a full Czech Extraliga season.



EXL: A.J. Fell moves to Prague

Playing Experience

2017 Boulder Collegians Rocky Mountain Baseball League (Collegiate) Starting pitcher
2018-20 Pierre Trappers Expedition League (Collegiate) 2018: Starting/relief pitcher, Beef Cup Champion. 2019: Relief pitcher, Reliever of the Year, Beef Cup Champion. 2020: Starting/relief pitcher, Beef Cup Champion.
2017-21 Spring Hill College NCAA Division II Relief pitcher turned starting pitcher, 2x Team Captain (2020-2021), Conference Tournament Pitcher of the Tournament (2019)
2021 Blesk Jablonec Czech Extraliga Starting pitcher
2022 Tempo Praha Czech Extraliga Relief pitcher

Coaching Experience

2021 Volunteer Assistant Coach Blesk Jablonec Youth, High School Helped our program's youth coaches organize and run the practices for our U15 team. Hit fungo and worked with the pitchers to develop a throwing routine, proper mechanics, proper recovery, and different pitch types.
2021 Head Coach Mobile Knights Travel Ball High School Helped organize practice plans and worked with the pitchers for all 3 of our U14 teams to develop control, proper mechanics, proper recovery, and off-speed pitches.
2022 Instructor Tempo Praha Youth, High School Helped the U13 and U15 teams with their practices, specifically working with pitchers to properly warm up/recover and with bullpens.


Pro/Overseas Pitching

2021 Blesk Jablonec 8.34 - 0 31.3 54 21 13 4 34 29 2 4 0 2.141
2022 Tempo Praha 3.23 - 0 53.0 54 47 24 4 24 19 1 1 4 1.472

College/Amateur Pitching

2017 Spring Hill College 6.35 0 0 5.2 7 2 6 1 8 4 0 0 1 2.500
2018 Spring Hill College 7.12 3 1 30.1 42 19 15 6 27 24 3 1 1 1.894
2018 Pierre Trappers 6.46 3 0 39.0 47 29 20 8 37 28 2 3 0 1.718
2019 Spring Hill College 4.76 6 0 39.2 51 27 11 4 24 21 3 1 0 1.582
2019 Pierre Trappers 2.10 4 1 30.0 25 22 12 2 10 7 2 1 0 1.233
2020 Spring Hill College 2.48 6 2 32.2 19 27 7 1 9 9 3 1 0 0.807
2020 Pierre Trappers 3.79 4 0 35.2 44 36 7 2 23 15 2 4 0 1.430
2021 Spring Hill College 7.16 6 0 27.2 41 30 9 6 26 22 0 3 1 1.838

Video Highlights


Frank Sims

Spring Hill College, head coach

Michal Kubina

Blesk Jablonec, head coach

Jake Rabinowitz

Tempo Praha, teammate and youth coach; U15 Czech National coach

Additional Info

Playing preferences: Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Host Family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: Wedding on October 14, 2022, can fly out right after


Recent injuries/illnesses: No


Traveling with a companion: Perhaps for a short term visit


Educational background: Bachelor of Science: Management Accounting with minor in Financial Economics; Master of Business Administration: Logistics and Supply Chain Management