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High School Baseball Coach with Overseas Experience

Name: Allan Slusher

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

DOB: August 4, 1971

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Date Available: August 1, 2019

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Positions: Coach

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College: Bevil State

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I have played baseball since I was 5 years old. As a teenager, I made every All-star team until I was 15 years old. During high school, I played on 2 Area Championship Teams and 2 State Playoff State Playoff teams. I earned All Area Team Honorable Mention. In college, as a pitcher I was a closer and earned a spot as a starting pitcher. I set the record for the most saves in a season at Bevill State. After college, I toured with Christian Outreach International for the summer of 1991. We played local teams in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czechia/Slovakia. During the tour I had an ERA of 0.00. In my entire pitching career, from high school, college and Europe I only gave up 2 home runs.
I am currently in my fourth year as an assistant high school baseball coach. I serve as the pitching coach for the team. We have an overall record the past 4 years of 70 wins and 30 losses. We have had 9 All-State Players and 1 State Record Holder in Saves. My team has made the playoffs the last 4 years and advanced to the second round 2 years and the quarter finals 1 year.

I love the game of baseball. Therefore, I want every practice and game to be fun and not a job. I design my practice where everyone is doing something at all times. I do not want you to stand around and be bored at practice. I have stations that players rotate to every 20 minutes and do a variety of fielding, hitting, throwing and conditioning drills. I believe in working on fundamentals everyday so the team is better every time they step on the field.

Playing Experience

1990-91 Bevil State Community College NJCAA Pitcher - SP and CP
1991 Christian Sports Outreach International Eastern European Tour Pitcher

Coaching Experience

2003-08 Head Coach/Assistant Coach Muscle Shoals Dixie Youth
2016-present Assistant Coach/Pitching Coach Hackleburg High School Marion County


Trey George

Head Coach, Hackleburg High School

Craig Richie

Coach, Christian Sports Outreach International

I happily write this letter in regard to Allan Slusher. I had the pleasure of coaching him in 1991 through Christian Outreach International. I also was the catcher on that team. Therefore, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Allan. He was not only our best pitcher on a team that went undefeated, but was an even finer man! He was a great teammate and the kind of guy that was loyal, hardworking and picked us all up as a team. He is a fine Christian man, and is the type of guy who would be an asset to any organization and certainly as a manager/coach. He is very knowledgeable, of the game, and is baseball smart. Even though it has been many years since we played together, I can still see his sidearm fastball gliding just out of reach of hitters, and still consider him a close friend. I cannot in word express how much I recommend Allan.

Dalton Rackard

Hackleburg High School Player

Having Allan Slusher as a coach, for me personally, was more than I could have ever asked for. He came into my baseball career as I was taking my step-up from my junior varsity team. Our varsity team needed a new pitching rotation and, thanks to Coach Slusher, I found my definite role as a main closer for my team (a position I completely loved). I recall that I struggled doing anything that a pitcher was supposed to do, mainly not delivering any movement on my pitches. I have always had consistent accuracy but lacked strength and mobility. Both my head coach and Coach Slusher took a chance on me and asked if I would train to be a side-arm/submarine pitcher. I was all ears for this idea! Several times a week, Coach Slusher would take some time to come to practice before it began to work with the pitchers that were able to be present. He worked with me heavily. Many drills, stretching, and games were had to help build up my ball’s mobility. Through time, I kept seeing results, the good kind; however, Coach Slusher wanted to see more and kept pushing me to find my hidden potential. We worked hard but had fun while we did it. To this day, I can recall all the silly history lessons and insurance stories he told me in practice. I also remember the colossal amount of baseball puns that were shared between us and the rest of the team. It was as if he were meant to be a part of our team. As the years went by, I became an excellent side-arm pitcher that was feared even the 7-A schools we beat. Known for only walking 4 players all season and possessing a nearly untouchable curveball, our team was a force to be reckoned with. None of this, however, would have been possible without Coach Slusher’s help. Not only did he become one of the best coach’s I have ever met, but he also became a great friend that shared cackles with me constantly. As for all the team, we would always scream his famous nickname as soon as we saw him. Obviously, we loved him. His personality brings laughter to us all making the experience of playing baseball so much better. He also kept up with everything pertaining to the team. I remember him telling me that I received an award that I did not even know about. Whenever he could not be present at practices or games, he kept in touch with whoever he could and delivered some inspirational words when the team needed it. If I were asked if I preferred Coach Slusher or the best coach in the entire world, I would pick Allan Slusher without batting an eye

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