(UNAVAILABLE FOR SUMMER 2019) Team captain, speedy, utility player who hits for average with pop | Baseball Jobs Overseas

(UNAVAILABLE FOR SUMMER 2019) Team captain, speedy, utility player who hits for average with pop

Name: Alexus Martinez

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 130 lbs

DOB: March 16, 1997

Status Available

Date Available: May 29, 2019

Bats: L

Throws: R

Positions: 2B, SS

Positions (alt): 1B, 3B, OF, C

College: Stanislaus State

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 I have been the team captain on each and every team I have played for. In high school I was a four year Varsity started. I was a four time 1st team all district selection, four time all academic team, three time team MVP, a golden glove selection and had the teams best batting average all four years.

Going into college I was recruited by a handful of colleges such as Florida Tech University, Pensacola State, and Stanislaus State in which I chose to attend. In my four years here I have been a three time 2nd team all conference selection, broke the record for most hits in a season. In 2016 held a .372 batting average, in 2017 held a .390 batting average and in 2018 held a .341 batting average. Have been the lead off batter all four years and started at shortstop from 2016-2017 and transitioned to 2nd base for the last two years.
 I have played every position except pitcher. I am a versatile athlete that can learn and is very flexible to learning an working with others. I am a vocals leader who is open to helping out my fellow teammates by any means necessary.

Abilities summary: Lefty-slapper, quick on the bases and lots of coverage on the field

Playing Experience


Hitting Practice VIDEO LINK

2015-2019 Stanislaus State NCAA II 4 year starting middle infielder, 4 year lead off batter
2014-2015 Next Generation Fastpitch Team Captain, Shortstop, 2nd base, outfielder, leadoff batter
2012-2014 Texas Bombers Softball Shortstop, 2nd base, leadoff or second batter
2011-2012 Texas Storm Softball Gold 2nd Base, Shortstop, youngest player on the team

Coaching Experience

2016-Current Assistant coach Next Generation Fastpich 18u Helped develop slappers throughout the team and in charge of defense


College/Amateur Batting

2019 (In progress) Stanislaus
2018 Stanislaus 54 185 35 63 5 3 0 13 12 8 7 - .341 .371 .400
2017 Stanislaus 55 195 41 76 5 1 0 16 14 13 11 - .390 .436 .426
2016 Stanislaus 51 183 27 68 11 0 0 16 11 18 13 - .372 .407 .432


Jessica Ventoza

Head Coach, Stanislaus State

For the past three years I have had the privilege of coaching Alexus at Stanislaus State. She has been a starter every year, a leader as well as a 2nd Team Conference Player. Offensively Alexus is the hardest out a pitcher will face, she is a triple-threat with small ball, slapping and hitting. Her knowledge of the game offensively is incredible and she can pick a part a defense with ease. Defensively, I am confident Alexus could play any position on the field (except pitcher). She is extraordinarily athletic and adapts well to situations. She has played middle infield for me and is a top middle infielder in our conference every year. Any team to get Alexus’s will be very lucky. She is a joy to coach and a wonderful human being as well.

Katelyn McDonald

Assistant Coach, Stanislaus State

I have known Alexus for 4 years now, and played with her for 3. She is a prime example of not only being a powerful leader on and off the field, but her ability to empower others is what makes her unique. Alexus has the ability to influence her teammates in such a way that builds them up, encourages and educates them so they can duplicate this attitude into others. She is excellent at observing the defense when she is up to bat and produces at the plate by setting the tone as a lead off hitter. On defense, Alexus is incredibly knowledgable & observant of the game. She can make decisions quickly and covers a lot of range.

Jose Hernandez

Head Coach, Next Generation Fastpich

Alexus Martinez on the offensive side just finds ways to get on base, she is the true meaning of the word “Triple Threat” she can bunt, place the ball in front of the defense or hit a shot in the gap. Once she gets on base, she has a quick jump, and she is a very smart base runner. Getting Alexus on base makes your odds go up in scoring runs and placing pressure on the defense. Alexus has the arm, the glove that most players have at the next level. What separates her is her anticipation off the bat and her game knowledge. Alexus always sees the play before the play happens, this comes from being such a great offensive player. The best defenders always use there offensive minds to understand what the base runner will do in all situations and that allows her to be a split second faster in her decision making which leads into outs, also allowing her to be confident in her ability, and that gains the trust of her teammates. Alexus brings leadership, passion and knowledge to the game daily, she respects the game and makes it fun!

Additional Info

Status: Long term relationship

Prior engagements: No

Ever convicted of a felony? No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: To visit not to stay the whole time