Two-Way Player and CPL ERA Leader with a 1.59 over 51 innings Seeking Team for 2020 Season | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Two-Way Player and CPL ERA Leader with a 1.59 over 51 innings Seeking Team for 2020 Season

Name: Addison Domingo

Height: 6'0"cm

Weight: 210 lbskg

DOB: July 10, 1994

Date Available: March 1, 2020

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP

Positions (alt): 2B, 3B, SS, OF, RP

College: Point Park University

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I come from an Artistic and Athletic background.  I believe that the arts and athletics should be one in the same, hence why I went to a performing arts school as an athlete.  I understand that baseball is more than a sport, it’s a business. I dance during my warm up routine, and dance on the mound vibing to walk out songs and in between at bat jams.  Fans and people enjoy watching me play, not for flash nor cockiness, but for competitiveness and unique style of play.

I can play both ways, because of defense.  My hitting is alright, can get the job done but I can play anywhere in the field.  My forte is pitching because of great command with all my pitches, along with my very very short arm.  Because I throw like a catcher on the mound, the ball looks faster than it is to the hitter. In addition, the short arm gives me a quick release from anywhere in the field.

In 2019 I took time off to heal my back and my hip and have been developing/ rehabbing everything. During this time I have done a lot of coaching, assisting with coaching at Point Park University while also training there. On top of that, I read a book on the mental aspect of my game and from that got into a lot of meditation, focusing on what kind of pitcher I am and want to become.

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Abilities summary:

Dual Player P/ Utility
FB 89-92 mph
CB 76 mph
CHNG 79 mph
Palm 73 mph
Situational Hitter


  • CEO/ Owner of Follow the Trees Ride the Vibe
  • 1st Team All conference 2017 and 18 for the Three Rivers Conference (NAIA)
  • 1st Team All conference 2018 for the Coastal Plains League

Playing Experience

2013-15 Cal State University San Marcos NCAA II California Collegiate Athletic Association Starting Pitcher/ OF
2017-18 Martinsville Mustangs Coastal Plains League Starting pitcher
2017-18 Point Park University NAIA - Ranked 22 nationally in 2018 Relief Pitcher (Long Relief Closer) / Second Baseman


College/Amateur Batting

2017 Point Park 27 63 16 5 2 0 1 9 7 17 2 - .254 .329 .333

College/Amateur Pitching

2018 Point Park 2.08 - - 65 50 64 11 6 25 15 6 2 11 -
2017 Point Park 3.84 - - 70.1 65 71 18 6 31 30 10 4 3 -
2017-18 Martinsville 1.59 7 - 51 32 52 15 - 9 4 1 0 .92
2013-15 CSUSM 2.61 9 0 69 58 65 18 6 25 20 6 2 0 -


Pier Piankastelli

Blast Motion Baseball, Former International Coach/ Player in Italy

Addison is a workhorse, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quitting". His family values are high and the team is his second family. He is a loyal and unselfish teammate who gives everything he has in an off the field, for the common team goal and success. He is not afraid to put extra work in when needed, and will not back off from any responsibilities. He is also eager grow listening to and learning from anybody who gives him advice or direction.

Loren Torres

Head Coach PPU

Addison is a fierce competitor. MLB scouts are looking for mid 90s and that is why he wasn't drafted. He throws 89 to 91, but his stuff is electric. He competes with excellent command of all his pitches. Can work off the black and as well as north/south...throws an excellent slider, curve ball, and change. He could be very effective in the minors right now, but his velo isn't mid 90....great person and teammate...has the mental toughness and ability to adjust in order to get through any jam....can work as a starter, long reliever, and closer...could pitch cannot find arms like his any longer. He is an almost an extinct commodity. I have been coaching collegiate baseball for 23 years and have only seen a handful of pitchers do what he does with as much command and art to his craft. Any professional team that picks him up will be fortunate and that team WILL win.

Additional Info

Need to return home by: anytime

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family

Status: Long term relationship

Ever convicted of a felony? No

Recent injuries/illnesses: no