*SIGNED in Croatia 2023* RHP with experience in Croatia and College throwing FB/CH/CB/SL, Two-Way/Utility and Passionate Coach with 8+ years experience | Baseball Jobs Overseas

*SIGNED in Croatia 2023* RHP with experience in Croatia and College throwing FB/CH/CB/SL, Two-Way/Utility and Passionate Coach with 8+ years experience

Name: Adams Peguero

Height: 190.5cm

Weight: 95kg

DOB: July 13, 1995

Date Available: May 1st, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach, Youth Coach, 3B, SS, SP, RP

Positions (alt): Coach, Youth Coach, Utl, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, RP, RF, CF, LF

College: Baruch College

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As a pitcher, Adams features a fastball (mid to high 80s mph), curve (low 70s mph), slider and changeup.   On the hitting side, he is good at going to the opposite field, and his exit velocity are in the 90s (mph).


Defensively, he has a good throwing arm and is good at positioning himself so that he’s in the right spots to make plays.


Adams describes himself as a “a very calm player and good leader in the clubhouse. I have a steady energy and never get too high or too low. I respect the game and am always a go-to guy to talk mechanical and mental prep.”


He also has a lot of coaching experience at various youth levels and would be excited about helping a team’s coaching staff.  He has been head coach for 12-under and 17-under teams, and he’s coordinated multiple youth development programs that encompassed as many as 1,100 participants.  He says, “My extensive coaching resume helps guys feel comfortable about discussing different approaches to the game.”


Adams continues a strong training regimen to stay in top shape and keep his baseball skills at a high level.


Career Highlights

  • In high school, was selected for under-16 team that played overseas

  • Team captain every season in high school

  • In college, was the team’s closer

    • 30 strikeouts in 32 innings


Overseas Goals

Adams wants to continue his playing career, and he particularly wants to further his career as a coach.  In addition, he would be excited about experiencing new environments and cultures.

Pitching Videos


Hitting Videos

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Playing Experience

2014-15 Baruch College NCAA Division III - CUNY Athletic Conference
2018 Aguilas Pedrin Zorilla League Pitcher/Infield
2019 Tides Mid-Island Men's League (Amateur) Pitcher
2019 Southside Pedrin Zorilla Baseball League (Semi-pro) Pitcher/Infield
2021 Parade Ground League (Amateur)
2022 Vindija Varazdin Baseball Klub Hrvatski baseball savez /Croatian Baseball Association Pitcher/Infield

Coaching Experience

2015-18 Master Trainer Beginner2Pro Baseball Youth
2015-18 Development Coach Peter Stuyvesant Little League Ages 5-13 Ran the development program for 800 kids.
2015-18 Development Coach Downtown Little League Ages 5-13 Ran the development program for 1,100 kids.
2015-18 Coach Little League World Series Youth
2019-21 Head Coach, Trainer NYBD Sports, Bluebirds Youth Head coach for 12-17u teams and trainer for all teams ages 9-17.
2021 Trainer Private All ages All ages and levels of baseball. Trained players from 6 years old to MLB spring training invitees.
2022 Head Coach, Trainer Vindija Varazdin Baseball Klub Hrvatski baseball savez /Croatian Baseball Association From ages 9 to seniors, leading training and coaching decision.


College/Amateur Pitching

2014 Baruch College 8.59 2 0 7.1 9 6 8 0 8 7 0 2 0 2.32
2015 Baruch College 7.36 3 0 25.2 25 24 23 1 22 21 1 3 0 1.87

Video Highlights


Julian Hunt

New York Boulders, Professional Shortstop

I have known Adams for more than 4 years. In terms of baseball, he is one of the best two way players I have had the pleasure of playing behind. We have played together in numerous amateur leagues as well as in a very competitive semi-pro league in New York City. As a pitcher he commands the zone very well, throws strikes and consistently gets outs. Every pitch in his arsenal can be thrown for strikes, and hitters seem uncomfortable with his tempo. He can hold his own with the bat as well as play the corners with ease and confidence. As an overall two way, he can contribute to any top club with his work ethic, skills, IQ and positive attitude. He’s a real team guy.

As a trainer/coach, Adams is open minded and caters to every player's individual style. Watching the progress of his students hitting/pitching/fielding over the years never ceases to amaze me. Through his overall positive demeanor and passion for getting better at the game, everyone that trains with him including myself have made huge strides in overall gameplay. Any club he has the opportunity to coach for will be a successful.

Adams Peguero has what it takes to play and coach at a high level. I will vouch for him any day.

Craig Batchelor

Budapest Redwolves, Professional Pitcher

Adams is by far one of the best baseball minds I’ve ever been around. His IQ for the game is one of the highest I’ve ever seen and his willingness to learn is almost inspiring. I’ve known Adams for 3.5 years now and I go to him for any baseball question I have, first. I trust his input more than anyone out there because he takes the time to build special relationships with his teammates and players that he coaches.

He has been my trainer over the last 3 years and I can say that I’ve vastly improved ever since I started training with him. The infectious, positive energy that he brings into his day to day inspired me to pursue baseball in Europe. I’ve taken and learned things from him that I apply to my everyday life here. As a coach, he has the potential to be recognizable across many regions in the game of baseball.

As a player, he is as big of a competitor as anyone I’ve ever met. He has the ability to blow you away with fastballs but he is also able to break you down and finesse you into weak contact when on the mound. As a hitter, he consistently hits the ball hard and has phenomenal at bats what seems like every time he steps to the plate.

If I had to sign a player or add a player to my roster, I’m putting Adams towards the top of my target list.

I’ve only had good things to say about him and the way our peers talk about him is the same. I can ramble on for days about all of his positive qualities but I’ll sum it up like this, great teammate, great coach, great player, and an even better human being.

Josh Ferro

Plattsburgh T-Birds , Professional Catcher

Additional Info

Playing preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), New Zealand Semi-pro, South Africa Semi-pro, Canada semi-pro (Intercounty Baseball League, NBSBL, QSBL, etc.), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc)


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom,


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Recent injuries/illnesses: No


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: Bachelor

 Additional Testimonials:

Mitch Hillert, Guggenberger Legionare, Professional Pitcher – “Adams is a very passionate player about the game. I’ve played with him in the Pedrin Zorilla league and with the Tides. He will go out and pitch as long as the coach lets him pitch and will compete as a hitter and in the field as well. He would be able to produce in pro leagues in Europe and in Australia. He is an honest man and will teach the game with respect. He is also a great coach and always openminded about players’ progress. He would be a great help for a club.”