Michael's Story

After a successful college baseball career at the University of Tampa as a starting pitcher, Michael took his career overseas to both Australia and Austria. Since hanging up his cleats, Michael joined a Fortune 500 staffing company that helps others progress through their professional career. He is now utilizing this experience to help BBJO members make the most of their overseas experience as well as helping players transition from baseball overseas back to the working world. Here are specific examples of what Michael is helping our members with:

Building your skill-set while overseas – Utilizing downtime while overseas can make a huge impact on marketability when returning to the working world. Michael educates on ways to make the most of the overseas experience to prepare for the future, thus enabling the member to continue with their overseas baseball career without the added pressure to “get a real job”. 

How to research and apply for jobs – Michael provides guidance on utilizing keyword searches and finding out what types of positions are available which match the member’s skill-set.

Building a resume or working towards adding to your existing resume – Michael works closely with members on formatting as well as enhancing verbiage to better correlate the member’s experience with the position they are applying for.

Building a professional LinkedIn or working towards adding onto your existing LinkedIn account – LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable and under-utilized tool to find a job. Michael helps in creating a profile and expanding professional networks to open up more job opportunities.

Utilizing your personal and professional network for career opportunities – Quite often the first job out of college is based on WHO you know rather than WHAT you know. Learning to utilize existing networks is key to finding a good starting position and is an area that Michael excels at.

Applying for Graduate School – This can be accomplished overseas or while back home. Deciding whether to attend graduate school as well as deciding where to attend can be challenging. Michael helps guide our members through this process.

Preparing for an Interview – A good resume can help get the interview, but honing communication skills for the interview is what will land the job and is where Michael really helps out our members.

Negotiating a Salary – Once hired, many young professionals leave money on the table simply because they don’t know how to ask or even because they don’t ask. Michaels teaches them how to best negotiate their salary.

If you are a BBJO member and are overseas or are soon going to be overseas, we highly recommend reaching out to bounce around some ideas of what you can be doing while abroad to further yourself. Feel free to email him at info@baseballjobsoverseas.com