Due to increased signings of softball players in Europe through our website, for the first time we have put together rankings to recognize our top performers. 

For the following rankings, we used our knowledge of the various levels of play across Europe to best put a ranking on performance. 

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Must be a former or current Baseball Jobs Overseas member
  • Verifiable stats available online
  • Only regular season stats were considered

Top 5 IBC Softball Batters; 2017 Summer Season








Top IBC Softball Pitcher: 2017 Summer Season


Top IBC Two-Way Player: 2017 Summer Season


Please feel free to contact us regarding these lists at: dburns@baseballjobsoverseas.com.

We encourage the following:

  • Former, current members who should have been recognized that we missed
  • New lists, rankings suggestions
  • Requests by our members for a custom profile image similar to those featured in this post
  • How to get on these lists for non-members (register at IBC)
  • Suggestions for future top performers lists