Once again it is time to recognize the members of the International Baseball Community website who were playing around the globe during the 2017 summer. This post is recognizing pitchers only (see the 2017 Best Batters list here).

For the following ranking, we used our knowledge of the various levels of play around the globe to best put a ranking on performance, which as you can imagine is not an easy task and took considerable time and consideration. Congratulations to all our members for a great season overseas and for doing a great job at growing the game internationally.

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Must be a former or current International Baseball Community member
  • IBC members playing U.S. Independent Pro or MiLB do not qualify
  • Only first divisions of countries are considered
  • Must have thrown > 50 innings

Top 20 IBC Pitchers: 2017 Summer Season

*Based on regular season stats





















IBC Honorable Mentions > 50 Innings Pitched

*Note: this list contains IBC members (current and former) who had very successful seasons who just fell short of the top 20. There are numerous other IBC members who are not recognized here and therefore to make this list is in fact “honorable” and not an easy feat in itself. 

Jonathan Mottay, Templiers Senart

ERA: 2.57

W-L: 6-2

IP: 80.2

SO: 45

BB: 38

Roldan Ochoa, Hard Bulls (Austria)

ERA: 2.56

W-L: 8-3  

IP: 88  

SO: 84  

BB: 29

Chance Hicks, Vienna Metrostars (Austria)

ERA: 2.37  

W-L: 7-0

IP: 60.2  

SO: 54  

BB: 33

Reed Mason, PUC (France)

ERA: 3.67

W-L: 2-6

IP: 73.2  

SO: 98

BB: 40

Michael Calkins, Dornbirn Indians (Austria)

ERA: 3.21

W-L: 5-4  

IP: 70  

SO: 66  

BB: 16

Taylor Eichhorst, Sissach Frogs (Switzerland)

ERA: 4.77  

W-L: 5-4

IP: 71.2  

SO: 105

BB: 39

 IBC’s Top Pitchers with <50 innings

*Note: We would like to recognize these IBC members for having very successful seasons despite being short or seeing limited innings due to various reasons (late signing, injuries, etc.). 

Murilo Gouvea, London Majors (Canada)

ERA: 1.41  

W-L: 3-1  

IP: 44.2  

SO: 54

BB: 14

Matthew St. Kitts, Barrie Baycats (Canada)

ERA: 2.50  

W-L: 5-0

IP: 32.1  

SO: 49

BB: 20

Dylan Barrow, Templiers Senart (France)

ERA: 1.06   

W-L: 3-0

IP: 34  

SO: 43  

BB: 17

Trevor Caughey, Centaury Warsaw (Poland)

ERA: 0.00 

W-L: 6-0

IP: 48.67  

SO: 71

BB: 8

Shane Salley, Sölvesborg Firehawks (Sweden)

ERA: 2.39

W-L: 3-2  

IP: 37.2  

SO: 51  

BB: 11

Marshall Crawford, London Mets (Great Britain)

ERA: 2.92  

W-L: 2-1  

IP: 48  

SO: 68  

BB: 29

Trevor Caughey, Toronto Maple Leafs (Canada)

ERA: 6.15

W-L: 2-0

IP: 41

SO: 42  

BB: 9

Jan Tomek, Neptunus, Rotterdam (Holland)

ERA: 0.84  

W-L: 0-0  

IP: 10.2  

SO: 7  

BB: 7



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