Once again it is time to recognize the members of the Baseball Jobs Overseas website who were playing around the globe during the 2017-18 winter. We already recognized our Top 20 Hitters (see ranking here) and Top 15 Pitchers (see ranking here). Now it is time to recognize our top 10 two-way players. 

Assigning the Australian Baseball League a ranking of 10, we had players, coaches and trusted sources rank the six Australian state leagues and from 1-10 in order to measure the strength of performance and thus rank our top 10 two-way players. We used the following algorithm for the ranking of our candidates:

(((avg x 9) + (obp x 10) + (slg x 8)) x League rank) + ((League rank – era) x 10)

Other qualifying criteria:

  • Must have had a recent membership with Baseball Jobs Overseas OR are a grandfathered member
  • Must have pitched > 30 innings
  • Must have had 60 abs
  • Must be an import player (ie. not an IBC member who is Australian and playing in their local league)

Congratulations to all of our members for a great season overseas and for doing a great job at growing the game internationally.

Top 10 IBC Two-Way Players: 2017-18 Winter Season

*Based on regular season stats. Playoff stats are not considered