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Dennis Kelly takes us through his experiences playing baseball in Sweden (Karlskoga Bats), France (Montpellier Barracudas), Australia (Sandringham Royals) and Germany (Mannheim Tornados). If you are lacking in motivation to play baseball overseas, listen to Dennis tell his story which took him from the beaches of Australia  to the beaches off the coast of France all within one year.

He provides insight on how he was able to see so much of the world while playing baseball and also provides advice on positioning yourself to be able to do the same. Dennis also let’s us in on the details of some of his contracts and the unique contracts that were offered from country to country. Lastly, Dennis does a very good job of comparing the level of ball within these countries.


Post Podcast follow up interview on the Victoria Summer League

IBC-  To the best of your knowledge, how much importing of baseball players is happening in the Victoria Summer League?Dennis-Kelly-for-Mannheim-253x300 160px-Kelly,_Dennis_-_Karlskoga_Bats_2008

D- There was one import per team when I was playing down there (2008-2009).  It was typically a pitcher or a SS.  I don’t know how much that has changed because of the ABL.  

IBC – Can you give me an idea of your contract including which expenses were paid and if you were paid an income? (don’t need to give exact numbers, just an idea of what they can expect)

D – I had flights, a place to stay, a job at a surf warehouse, a gym, a car.  My job was instead of payment. 

IBC – As an import player, were your duties strictly on the field or did you have responsibilities off the field such as coaching youth and promoting the club?

D – I coached the U12 team.  I had a great time doing it and the parents were amazing.  

IBC – What is it about playing baseball in Melbourne that makes it unique?

D –  The best fish and chips I’ve ever had and some really good beers. Beautiful landscape and beaches. Great city