New York native Ryan Rupp did not play college baseball but took advantage of his dual citizenship with Austria to get his foot in the door in second division Austria in 2013.
From there, he worked hard on his craft and in 2017 he won the Best Pitcher award and his second championship in the first division of Austria with the Attnang Athletics. He also became one of the go-to starters for the Austrian national team. In 2019 he won his third Austrian championship, this time with his new team, the Dornbirn Indians.
In recent years, as Ryan approached the age of 30, he struggled with the pressure to start a career off the field and leave baseball behind. He found himself in New York, unhappy and with extreme bouts of anxiety.
In this interview, we discuss how he was able to get through that, and the steps he is taking now to enjoy his summers of baseball while also progressing off of the field.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The different path of his baseball career and how he was able to develop into the pitcher he is today despite no college or professional experience.
  • Finding success with the Austrian National Team and in the first Austrian division alongside teammate/coach and founder David Burns.
  • How to continue to be in demand even when your numbers are not the best.
  • How to switch from the anxiety and pressure that comes with starting a career and leaving baseball behind to doing what you love while also progressing off of the field.

*Ryan apologizes for his weakened immune symptoms and the smattering of coughs. He had recently been recovering from a cold (luckily) and has now since full recovered and is in good health*

Podcast episode timeline

1:45 – Ryan’s first season/how he got imported/acquiring Austrian(EU) passport

9:00 – improving and progressing alongside a diversity of imports/advantages of playing overseas

21:19 – The importance of an import aside from playing

24:40 – Continuing to learn from those around you, including the locals

27:40 – Struggle with pressure to start a career outside of baseball turning into anxiety issues

34:18 – Avoiding distractions overseas, following advice from those who wish you best, how to make the most out of your downtime as an import

41:30 – Owen Reid (Austrian national team coach); Owen’s 4 pillars for daily structure

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