In this episode of the International Baseball Community Podcast, I hop on a call with club representatives from around Europe to discuss the current status of the Coronavirus in their country, the effect it has had on their baseball seasons thus far, and any further insight into when the seasons could possibly start. Specifically, I speak with:

  • Scotty of Korlarka Praha (Czech Extraliga) at 1:50
  • Mauro of T&A San Marino (Italian Series A) at 7:42
  • Trevor of the Stockholm Monarchs (Swedish Elite Series) at 19:20
  • David of the Metz Cometz (French First Division) at 25:00
  • Ron of Neptunus Rotterdam (Dutch Major League A.K.A. Honbal Hoofdklasse) at 35:15
  • Eric of the Bonn Capitals (German Bundesliga) at 44:15
  • Andreas of the Attnang Athletics (Baseball League Austria) at 52:50.

Also happening within baseball around Europe showcased in the videos below are:

  1. The empty streets of Prague (Czech Republic) with Scotty.
  2. Playing catch from the balcony in “Baseball City” Nettuno, Italy, where baseball originated in Italy after WWII
  3. Quarantine baseball in France.

*More info on the Pitch Recognition tool I discuss in the podcast is below the videos. 

“Il baseball a Nettuno non può fermarsi”

Posted by Nettuno Baseball Club 1945 on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Thanks to the players from Montigny Baseball team from France!

Posted by Baseball & Softball around the World on Friday, March 20, 2020


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