The Euro League Baseball (ELB) is a new professional baseball league in Europe set to launch in 2016. There has been a lot of hype over the league during the offseason as players and imports anticipate something that has a lot of potential to be great. As the new year rings in and spring training is approaching fast, there are many rumours circulating about if the league will actually launch in 2016 and if so, how many of the 10 teams are actually going to move forward with it.

CEO Wim van den Hurk has been searching high and low for a major sponsor to help subsidize the expenses that will be incurred by the teams involved. At this point, there is no major title sponsor. In a meeting in late November with the owners of the ELB and the managers of the clubs involved, it was discussed if they can proceed given the lack of a major sponsor. Estimated costs were outlined and strategies were discussed and all clubs were given time to meet with their own board to determine if their participation is feasible.

This interview with van den Hurk clears up where exactly the ELB stands at this point in early 2016 while also discussing the option of other clubs in Europe entering the league in the future.

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