34 year-old Kieran Mattison spent nine years playing baseball professionally in the U.S. reaching as high as AAA within the Cleveland Indians organization. The big 6′ 205 lb righty amassed an ERA of 4.12 over the course of his tenure in professional baseball which also saw stints with the Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers and in independent baseball.

In 2013 Mattison decided to go back to school to get his masters degree international business and set his sights on Schiller International University – Paris to get the international experience. After speaking with his brother who is now a resident of France since coming over to play professional American Football in 2001, Mattison decided to approach the Paris University Baseball Club (PUC) to see if he can get on in a coaching role and perhaps earn a little extra money while studying.

The club jumped on this opportunity to hire him as their Manager / Head Coach given his background and the fact that his student visa allowed him to stay longer term and work. In his first year at the helm (2013), Mattison led the club to the playoffs and an eventual 3rd place finish. Mattison’s “have fun first” approach and his ability to understand that he needed to adapt to the French culture and their values placed on leisure and family time was at the forefront of this success.

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“Paris is definitely what it is hyped up to be” said Mattison when asked about living in Paris and playing baseball. “In the U.S. we are always on the go, kind of getting caught up in the rat race. When comparing to the lifestyle over here, they slow everything down, they take their time, they believe in having leisure. It’s awesome man. It’s like a paid vacation.”

In 2014, PUC renewed Mattison’s contract and the result was another successful season which saw them make it to the league championship. After upsetting the Rouen Huskies in the semi final, the most dominate club in the past decade, PUC fell short in the final to the Templiers Senart.

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This accomplishment gained Mattison more attention as he was invited to be the pitching coach for the French National Team alongside head coach Eric Gagne. He accompanied the team to Regensburg, Germany for the first round and in Brno, Czech Republic in the final round after the team’s success in Regensburg helped them to advance.

In late November 2014 PUC announced Mattison as the new Technical Director in addition to his role as head coach. As the Technical Director he will overseas the entire development of baseball and softball among all levels within the club. 


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