This interview with Austin Weymouth goes into areas yet to be covered on the podcast including an alternative way to selecting your team, working your way into Dutch baseball from a much lower league within one year, visa requirements, a vivid idea of what life is like in Europe, playing for small town clubs, the list goes on. In this 45 minute, very informative conversation where we talk about just about everything you can think of with regards to the lifestyle of baseball in Europe. Austin even talks about tulips in the Netherlands!?!?

Other Topics Discussed

    • UVV Utrecht and Dutch Baseball (Netherlands)
    • Cologne Cardinals (Germany)
    • Attnang Athletics (Austria)
    • Belgian Baseball.
    • An alternative way to getting picked up in Europe.
    • Comparison of Dutch ball, German ball to U.S. equivalents.
    • The high expectations and pressure of playing in Europe.
    • Making the most of downtime.
    • Choosing the right club.
    • Visa requirements and the recent problems in the Netherlands.
    • The advantage of playing for a small town club.
    • Compensation both at UVV and Cologne.
    • Where utility guys are in high demand.