In this episode we visit three IBC members playing in South Africa, Jaz Shergill along with couple Chelsea Cohen and Tyler Krobetzky, all of whom are with the same club. Chelsea is playing in her 7th season overseas and met Tyler while playing in Adelaide, Australia. The couple have since played in Europe twice and Australia a second time together. Jaz is in his second season in South Africa and previous to that went from not playing pro ball to being called up to the Australian Baseball League in 2014 where he was also voted into the ABL All-Star game.

For the second half of this episode we visit two IBC members who are playing for team Chile. It all started when Daniel Catalan was listening to the IBC podcast about other members who qualified for passports in various countries and were able to play on national teams overseas. He realized his Chilean heritage likely qualifies him and soon thereafter found himself playing on the national team in 2016.

In 2017 he met fellow IBC member Nick Ruppert while playing for the International Stars at Prague Baseball Week in the Czech Republic. It was there he told Nick his story and Nick replied that he also had Chilean descent and sure enough, also qualified for a passport within a few months. This past winter the two played for the Chilean National Team together in the Dominican Republic and Panama and were able to snap some footage for us!