The Attnang Athletics (11-7) host the Dornbirn Indians (11-4) in their final two games of a home and away series to end the shortened 2020 season. The teams are battling for 1st in the Baseball League Austria West Division and Attnang has to sweep in order to have a chance to clinch.

This is the second of two episodes featuring Baseball Jobs Overseas members Riley MacDonald (Dornbirn), Ryan Rupp (Dornbirn), Ben Runyon (Dornbirn), Jimmy Jensen (Attnang), Mike Varga (Attnang) and Andreas Lastinger (Attnang). The back story is that Ryan Rupp was previously with Attnang in 2016 and 2017 before leaving for Dornbirn. Also, this is the return of Jimmy Jensen, who began his overseas career in Attnang in 2015.

Jensen and Varga are interviewed in this second part, with Varga’s German being challenged towards the end. Once again, both games were close until the final few innings in the second game where the wheels fall off for one of the teams.

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