UCLA Bruin alumnus Eddie Murray (far right above) teaches in the offseason in order to play baseball in Europe during the summer.

Eddie wrapped up his college career in 2009 but it wasn’t until 2014 that he discover that baseball in Europe was a thing. He got his start in second division Germany, living and playing ball in Berlin before signing on in 2015 to play for PUC, a club located in the center of Paris competing in France’s top division. He remained there for four straight seasons before deciding to hang them up in 2019.

Of course, like many ballplayers before him, Eddie got baseball fever come the spring of 2020, and ended up signing in the Liberation League instead of overseas due to the pandemic and challenges with traveling. In 2021, Eddie signed on to play in Slovenia where he and three other BBJO members led his club, Kranjski Lisjaki to a national championship. 

Now at 34, Eddie has signed on to play for Lisjaki again in 2022. 

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