The situation overseas as we know it on May 31st

  • Austria – Season starting July 3rd
  • Australia – clubs are optimistic that there will be a season with imports but are hesitant to make any moves right now
  • Belgium – No sports competitions until July 31
  • Croatia – Season underway. 
  • Czech – Season underway. 
  • Germany – Pre-season games have started. Waiting on official start date. 
  • France – Season was officially canceled but rumors are they may salvage a partial season. 
  • Hungary – Practices have resumed.
  • Italy – Announced May 28th that the season will start July 10th.
  • The Netherlands – Season to start third week of July. 
  • Poland – Season underway. 
  • Slovakia – Season underway. 
  • Spain – No announcement of a season start. 
  • Sweden – Season starts July 4th.
  • Switzerland – Season underway. 

Our thoughts

Europe 2020 – There will be some baseball in Europe this summer but without American imports. 

Australia 2020-21 – The seasons start in October (NSW in Sept) so there is plenty of time yet for measures to be put in place to safely allow travel within countries that have a low number of Coronavirus cases. As of now, the daily U.S. Coronavirus cases seem to have no end in sight, but we are hopeful that by late summer they may be permitted to travel to other countries. Surely if travel is permitted, it won’t be what it once was and there will be many safety precautions put in place. Due to the likelihood of a second wave of the virus, it may be that seasons start in Australia without imports and imports join mid-season, starting in January.

Europe 2021 – Will resume as before, with imports and back to normal.


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