The Attnang Athletics was the first club in Austria to build a modern ballpark (2009) with the capability of hosting international baseball events. Since then, many others have followed suit such as the Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks and Dornbirn Indians. The hosts of the Finkstonball Baseball & Softball Music Festival added lights to the park in 2021 and expanded the tiki bar overlooking centerfield. Taking away from what is a beautiful ballpark with a lot of character sections of fence in the outfield and some construction blemishes in left field, both from the recent installation of the lights. It is expected that by Finkstonball 2022 those should be fixed up and the park looking in top form.

This video features their second team vs a local upper Austrian team (Grammastetten), which both compete in the middle division of the second division of Austria. Both teams feature some young stars that also play on the A’s first division team and some veteran players who previously played in the first division.

The Athletics second field was built through MLB’s baseball tomorrow fund and is home to a number of youth teams and a second division women’s softball team.